Day #10

Gov. Baker is back in town, and busier than a one-armed paper hanger. I saw him in passing with a group, heading out of the office. He saw me, and I managed a dignified “Hey. What’s up?” 😀 He did a tiny double-take and almost stopped, heh. I’ve met him very quickly at least three times before, with the third time being when I gave him the first letter:


Anyway, I sat with Beth R. and Susan R. from Mothers Out Front. We had a great conversation and made plans for other “sitting” dates. The day’s notes were about danger and kids. The compressor siting is a huge public safety hazard, in a densely populated area—unprecedented in the US. Hundreds, if not thousands, of children live, go to daycare, or go to school within a two mile radius. Unacceptable. Here is the slide show I printed out and put in his inbox: Here is the link to a custom Google map that I’m working on as I go:

#SitWithAndrea #PolitePersistence


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