Day #8

The Governor is out of the office today and tomorrow, so it’s pretty quiet in there. Today’s note was all about the leak at Weymouth’s Spectra-run metering station. I included a reprint of North Weymouth Town Councilor Becky Haugh’s recap of the Town Council meeting where Spectra attempted to answer for the leak at their existing metering station. If we cannot trust Spectra to be safe with a 1″ valve, how can we trust them with a compressor station or two? I also included the unsigned, “pending” 2002 Chapter 91 permit application for the metering station (thanks to Mike Lange of FRRACS). Spectra doesn’t even have a CH. 91 permit to have a metering station! We cannot trust Spectra one bit, and neither should Baker.

I forgot the take a foot photo in the office! Sharon resident Nick F. was with me today. He helps out with social media communication for Walpole’s and Canton’s fight against Access Northeast.

I brought some flowers as thanks today because… why not? 🙂

#SitWithAndrea #PolitePersistence

UPDATE 3-16-2018— I realized that I didn’t link to the very first press my action garnered, published in The Boston Globe March 9, 2017! It’s on the Press page, but let me put the link here, as well.

What do people call Baker about? The Weymouth natural gas compressor station, for starters


One thought on “Day #8

  1. Eric Diener says:

    Keep up the great work! Maybe if he keeps ignoring you a larger sit in can be organized and get it on the state News stations. Remember the governor was an exec for a big healthcare insurance company. He casts a jaundiced eye on the little guy. (I honestly think if this was going to be built in his neighborhood proper oversite would suddenly be initiated!)
    Thank you for your determination,
    Dr. Eric Diener
    Weymouth, MA

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